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Take Precautions By Fireproofing Your Property

We provide fireproofing throughout Lake Charles and Lafayette, LA

Don't take any risks when it comes to fireproofing your commercial or industrial location. Torq Sandblasting and Painting, LLC makes sure that your property adheres to safety regulations and won't catch fire at the slightest spark. Keep yourself and the people around you safe and sound.

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Do right by your employees with industrial fireproofing

Employees working with heavy machinery all day need to be assured that the building where they work is properly protected against fires. Industrial fireproofing makes sure that if something goes wrong with your equipment, the whole building won't go up in flames.

Hydrocarbon fires can cause serious damage. We'll protect your building's framework from being destroyed in the event of a fire. Industrial fireproofing is an important part of making sure your building can be insured. Often, building owners aren't able to get affordable insurance without first making sure their building is fireproofed.

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