Industrial Sandblasting and Painting

Surface Prep/Coatings

Ace Sandblasting & Painting is a premier industrial painting contractor servicing Lake Charles, LA. Some of the painting services include unit painting, tank painting, specialty painting, and maintenance painting. All Ace Sandblasting & Painting employees go through extensive training and will provide the proper surface preparation and paint application to meet your specifications.

Call Ace Sandblasting and Painting today at 337-244-0997 now for a free estimate today. We are located in Lake Charles, LA.

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Lead Paint Removal

Ace Sandblasting & Painting can take on a variety of Lead Paint Removal projects. We have highly trained personal that provide the proper containment for these jobs.

Ace Sandblasting & Painting provides:

  • Trained workers and supervisors
  • Proper containment while providing protection for works and environment
  • Analysis of samples
  • Various removal methods


Ace Sandblasting & Painting provides fireproofing which is the perfect protection for many structures. Fireproofing helps protect vessels, pipework, and steel structures from the effects of hydrocarbon fires.