Get Ready for a New Coat of Paint

Request surface preparation in Lafayette or Lake Charles, LA

Before painting or sandblasting any surface, make sure you get surface preparation done. TORQ Sandblasting & Painting, LLC gets your walls ready for the next step. How well a coating performs is entirely dependent on the quality of the surface preparation.

Our team always delivers top-of-the-line surface prep for every building. We get rid of oil, grease and dust that can interfere with the painting and coating process. Your coating and industrial paint will go on smoothly and without any problems thanks to us.

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Coat your building with our industrial painting services

We use high-performing coatings in all of our industrial painting services. These materials are designed to withstand even the harshest of conditions found within industrial buildings.

Industrial coating can:

  • Protect concrete and steel from corroding
  • Make materials more resistant to fire
  • Keep moisture from interfering with the paint
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