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We'll Bring Our Blasting Services to You

Torq Sandblasting and Painting, LLC provides offshore blasting in the Gulf of Mexico

For more than 30 years, Torq Sandblasting and Painting, LLC has been the premier sandblasting company in Lake Charles and Lafayette, LA. Our team has years of experience meeting safety and industry regulations. We've handled a multitude of maintenance situations, and now we're expanding our operations. Our company can now provide offshore blasting and offshore painting for your industrial equipment in the Gulf of Mexico.

Keep your equipment clean no matter how far from shore you are. Choose the offshore blasting company you can trust in Lake Charles, LA.

Keep your industrial equipment clean on the jobsite

The team at Ace Sandblasting and Painting is excited to bring all of services to our offshore clients. With offshore blasting, we can keep your equipment clean without having to transport it away from the jobsite. Offshore painting allows us to make improvements on site, as well.

To learn more about our new offshore blasting services in Lake Charles, LA, call 337-244-0997 now.